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Home and Business ADSL is now available.

Special Offer - Home ADSL from only $49.50 per month
Set up fee:
- Once off $99 set up fee (6 month minimum contract)
- Once off $49 set up fee (12 month minimum contract)
- Once off $19 set up fee (18 month minimum contract)

The catch? ... this discount offer is valid up until December 31 2002 so you will have to be quick!!

KeyPoint is pleased to offer extended technical support hours on weekends. Support will be available between 10am - 3pm Saturday and Sunday by calling 1300 550 550 or by emailing

Since Labyrinth began in 1995 as a local provider, we have delivered fast and affordable Internet access. And, with the help of over 20,000 subscribers and the acquisitions of around 20 ISPs, we have grown into a large, truly Australia-wide provider. Now, the way forward is to simplify our structure into one entity and to launch this consolidation, we have a new name.

Welcome to KeyPoint! one brand, one Web site, a consistent set of products and a major service centre, with customer service teams along the eastern sea-board.

You may already have noticed some of the positive effects of the early changes already in place, including price reductions of many dial-up plans, as well as new broadband [ADSL] plans for home, with cheaper plans for business.

You will be reassured to know that, when KeyPoint is born on the 18th November, there will be no change to your:
- costs for your access plan
- email address
- password
- access plan
- Web site address
- dial up number

We are confident that not only will you love KeyPoint's look and our products, but you'll agree that we have not forgotten our original aim: to provide the best possible Internet access at the most affordable price.

We write to you again next month to bring you up-to-date on our progress. There will also be news of our gift to every subscriber, and later, a national competition where you can win a TV with DVD, a year of half price ADSL and other great prizes.

Kind Regards,
Management and Staff

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Labyrinth has acquired the following providers:
Brisbane Internet Group
J Mail
Jade Internet
Majestic Internet Services
Southern Internet Services
Speed Internet
Sprint Online
Webnet (Tasmania)
The Brisbane office will be closed on Wednesday August 14th for the Ekka Show Day public holiday. Technical Support, Sales & Accounts will be available between 8:30am and 8pm EST by calling 1300 550 550.

Big Net has merged with Flatrate Internet, Labyrinth Connections and Southern Internet Flatrate, Labyrinth and Southern are found in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania and have been providing quality Internet access products since 1995.

We now have new Dial-In Numbers for a wider call range - Click here for further information

BigNet is now a broadband internet provider. Check out the BigSat page for more details on how you can get a 384 kbps connection.

Updated Links page. Now you can rate the links, find out how popular they are, search, and also submit your own links to our database.

BigNet introduces the new BlockBuster plans - visit our Pricing page for more details.